2022's Best Eyelash Growth Serums

How To Find A High Quality Eyelash Growth Serum!

It can be really frustrating for users to know which product and which active ingredients work the best to enhance the look of . We’re not scientists right? We’re not even chemists and most of the time don’t know what ingredient is harmful and which one is not.

What To Look Out For, In An Effective Eyelash Enhancing Serum?

  • It should contain at least two of these active ingredients: Peptides, Minerals, and natural stimulants.
  • It should contain stem cells of natural fruits, veggies or we would say superfoods.
  • It should contain biotin to improve hair health and optimal growth
  • It should contain Provitamin B5 which increases the bioavailability of the main ingredients, increasing their benefits.
  • It should NOT contain any form of Prostaglandins. In short term the effects can be faster but in a long run the side effects are really scary(i.e. Iris discoloration, eyelid darkening, etc.)

Our Eyelash Enhancing/Growth Serum Choices

We've extensively researched dozens of products and will be providing a brief review of the top 5 products. We're going to compare several aspects of each product, including success rates (short and long term), quality of ingredients, affordability, as well as customer rankings, and reviews. Below you will find the top 5 products of 2022.

Top 5 2022's Eyelash Enhancing Serums

By: Joell Lockhart

Senior Editor

#1 Rated: Boostlash® Eyelash Serum
(7.5ML 0.25 FL OZ)


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Designed with the goal of using natural ingredients to support naturally long, thick eyelashes, BoostLash® combines the high-quality, botanically derived Myristoyl pentapeptide-17 and stem cells from Gamay, a purple-colored grape varietal, to enhance lash cell proliferation, lengthen and strengthen eyelashes, and promote healthy eyelid cells.

Unlike other lower-quality eyelash growth serums reviewed, BoostLash® does NOT contain Prostaglandin (ingredient that changes iris color), opting instead to use high-quality natural ingredients in its eyelash growth serum formula.

While not a common ingredient in many eyelash growth serums, myristoyl pentapeptide-17 is a plant-based antioxidant peptide that is often recommended to stimulate hair growth at the follicle.

Another positive thing about BoostLash® is that it's compatible and safe for eyelash extensions. It doesn't containg alcohol and won't loosen the eyelash extension adhesive. In fact, for those who have eyelash extension it's vital to apply an eyelash enhancer to keep their natural eyelash roots healthy becuase the extensions can cause a lot of damage to the natural lash roots.

In addition to being produced by a leader in the industry, our reviewers also appreciate that BoostLash® is made from natural plant-based ingredients, and is produced in an FDA registered, cruelty-free, and cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice) compliant facility.

Our Rating: 9.6/10

Customer Rating: 9.68/10 (638 Votes)


  • Innovative Formula containing Biotin & myristoyl pentapeptide-17
  • Natural Plant-Based Ingredients, Cruelty-Free
  • FDA Registered Facility, cGMP certified, Made in USA
  • NO Prostaglandin or Paraben Used
  • Custom Blend of High-Quality Natural Ingredients
  • Worked perfectly for 97% of the users
  • Not Greasy or Oily, and Doesn't Smell Like Alcohol or Chemicals
  • Not Tested on Animals (a huge plus)
  • Affordable 7.5 ml, Free Shipping on Selected Packages


  • Only Available Online
  • Goes Out of Stock Quickly

#2 Product: REALASH
(3 ML 0.10 OZ)


REALASH is one of the most popular eyelash serums on the market. Their unique and one of a kind packaging is the most eye-catchig design on our list. The company claims that REALASH advanced formula accelerates natural lash growth and strengthens them at the roots. As a result lashes become long and fortified. REALASH formula also prevents them from falling out.

The company claims “Safety is guaranteed thanks to plant extracts, for example calamus extract which prevents inflammation, marigold which boosts regeneration and flax which maintains hydrated skin.” However, more research into the ingredients of the products shows that the products contains “Propylene Glycol”. Propylene glycol (PG) is used in liquid foundation, spray deodorants, moisturizers, lipsticks, suntan lotions, shampoos and conditioners, baby wipes, and more. Strangely enough, you'll also find it in your antifreeze, brake and hydraulic fluid, floor wax, and paints. This is one of the reasons this amazing product ended up in the second place.

We also noticed lack of customer reviews on the company’s website. We would really like to read their customer’s real reviews on the website. Unfortunately, only a couple of featured reviews were found. The product is available for $80 for 3 mL, REALASH Eyelash Enhancer works out to $40 per mL - by far the one of the most expensive serums in this review.

Our Rating: 8.0/10

Customer Rating: 71% (526 Votes)


  • Powerful Product
  • Great Packaging
  • Worked Perfectly for 70% of The Users


  • Lack of Customer Reviews
  • Expensive 3.0ml($80.00)
  • Presence of Propylene Glycol in the Product
  • Complicated List of Ingredients

#3 Product: Lilash
(0.06 FL OZ)


Lilash Eyelash Stimulator contains a number of ingredients, including purified water, silica, and anthenol. According to the company, this product also contains the ingredients lupinus albus seed extract and prunus amygdalus seed extract

Our research indicates that lupinus albus seed extract and prunus amygdalus seed extract are both derived from botanical sources. Sourced from the lupine flower, lupinus albus seed extract is often included in skin care products. Prunus amygdalus seed extract is sourced from the ripe seed of the sweet almond plant and is commonly found in skin care applications, including lip balms, cleaning products, skin moisturizers, and sunscreens.

Several customers provided feedback that concerned our reviewers, including information that led us to believe that the product might irritate those with sensitive skin. Specifically, some customers reported experiencing burning and itching around the eyes and changes in skin pigmentation after use.

Our reviewers also found the company’s website contained very little information about the product’s ingredients and overall was a very difficult website to use.

Available in a 2-mL bottle for $89.99, Lilash Eyelash Stimulator works out to be $44.95 per mL - one of the more expensive products in this review.

Our Rating: 7.0/10

Customer Rating: 63% (487 Votes)


  • Powerful Product
  • Decent success rate
  • Considered safe for most users


  • Expensive 2.0ml($75.00)
  • Not available in United States, only from resellers

#4 Product: Lashfood
(3ml 0.10 FL OZ)


Billing itself as the world’s first & only ecocert natural eyelash enhancer, LashFood claims to create longer, thicker, and stronger lashes by using their unique Phyto-Medic complex to deliver nutrients sources from natural ingredients.

However, our research into the specific ingredients included in LashFood’s proprietary phyto-medic complex demonstrated no specific indication of what the company actually uses. Information on LashFood’s website only indicates that phyto-medic complex consists of "a proprietary blend of herbal extracts proven to stimulate eyelash follicles and support the natural growth of eyelashes."

In addition to not revealing important ingredients, our review team also pointed out that LashFood’s website provides very few accounts or customer reviews, leading the team to question how effective the product actually is.

We appreciate that the product is certified organic, gluten-free, and made from 99.49% natural ingredients.

However, with a customer approval rate of just 63% and being unable to find customer feedback outside the few provided by the company, our reviewers questioned the product’s overall effectiveness.

Available in a 3-mL bottle for $80, LashFood Eyelash Enhancer works out to be $26.67 per mL and is one of the more affordable products we reviewed.

Our Rating: 6.5/10

Customer Rating: 55% (419 Votes)


  • Certified Natural & Organic
  • Gluten-Free
  • Also Available in Some Retail Stores


  • Herbal Ingredients in Phyto-Medic complex Not Listed or Available to Consumer
  • Few First-Hand Reviews from Actual Customers
  • Very Expensive 3.0ml($120.00)
  • 55% Customer Satisfaction Rate

(3ml FL OZ)


With a customer satisfaction rate of 51%, liaison Serum is the lowest rated of the products we reviewed.

Available for $49.95 for 3 mL, liaison Serum works out to $16.65 per mL - making it one of the most expensive, but lowest rated serums in this review.

Our Rating: 6.0/10

Customer Rating: 49% (371 Votes)


  • Very Nice Packaging
  • Available Worldwide


  • Results Not Impressive
  • Expensive 3.0ml($49.95)